Poorly Installed GRP / Fibreglass Contractor resulting in significant Internal Water damage and a Complete New Roof Structure
Blistering GRP / Fibreglass Roof
Poorly Installed GRP / Fibreglass Roof - Blistering Topcoat & Laminate Coat below
Recently Installed GRP Fibreglass Roof by Non Competent Installer
Faulty GRP / Fibreglass Roof & Faulty Lead Flashing detail to perimeter parapet walls
New OSB 3 Ply Decking with New Warm Roof Insulation below ready for New GRP / Fibreglass Roof
New GRP Profile trims fitted to New OSB 3 Ply Decking, New Laminate Fibreglass Coating applied ready for Final Grey Topcoat Fibreglass application
Fully Installed GRP / Fibreglass Flat Roof Completed

Faulty, Poorly Installed GRP Fibreglass Roof by previous contractor to New Single Storey Extension

Homewood Build originally quoted for these works in 2016, however was unsuccessful, customer found a contractor at £60 per square metre to ‘Supply & Install’ which we explained is ‘Cost Price and we cannot see how they could do the works for the price quoted without making no money or loosing money.

Within less than 12 months, the owner of the property experienced ‘severe internal water damage to the new single storey rear extension’ with most of the plasterboard ceiling falling down, most ceiling recess downlighters water damaged or broken, plus the new kitchen was severely damaged that a large proportion of the centre island unit plus other had to be replaced along with most worktop units…. being ‘Faulty Works’ their Insurance did not pay out… BEWARE OF NON COMPETENT INSTALLERS!!!

GRP / Fibreglass Roofs usually cost between £90 – £120 per Sq/metre to ‘Supply and Lay’ subject to the complexity, size and shape of the roof area.

Homewood Build has completed 100’s of GRP / Fibreglass Roofs and we have never experienced failed installations.

LEAKING FLAT ROOF PROBLEM ?The Next Generation of Flat Roofing is here- Glass Reinforced Plastic / Fibreglass

GRP / Fibreglass flat roof is a single ply GRP laminate consisting of a roofing resin and chopped strand mat reinforcement applied in situ over a good OSB 3 deck. The roof is finished with a pre-formed GRP edge trims and a coat of pre-pigmented topcoat available in standard grey or any colour in the BS400 Range.
This latest technology is both maintenance free and provides a watertight seal. Installation comes with a 30 year guarantee and you’ll never need to replace or repair roof felting ever again!.
Fibreglass roofing is a modern, durable solution for flat roofing, balconies, valleys, bay windows and much more…
More & more of our customers are choosing to opt for great value and long lasting GRP roofing instead of traditional felt roofing. GRP roofs have a cleaner line appearance than traditional felt roofs, it can give a modern impression to a property, but also can be viable alternative for lead replacements.

GRP Fibreglass flat roofs the benefits:
STRONG & DURABLESEVERAL COLOURS – Available in many colours

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