Garden Buildings

With years of experience, Homewood Build, a family run business, located in Kent, the Garden of England, recognise that not only do their clients need affordable and sustainable outdoor space, they want a whole new environment. Our Company's motto is that we respond to our clients need for a fusion of the outdoors and indoor design in every element. Homewood Build provide a professional service from technical concept through to completion. We listen and take on each of our clients requirements. We provide a nationwide service with no hidden costs, what you order is exactly what you get!

Canadian Red Cedar Garden Building in Charing Kent
New Red Canadian Cedar Yoga / Gym Outbuilding with a Composite Decked Patio area & External Garden Lighting - Project in Maidstone Kent
New Red Canadian Cedar Large Home Office & Gym Building
New Red Canadian Cedar Garden Room fitted with Social Bar Worktop for entertaining guests
New Red Canadian Cedar Gym Room Garden Building
New Red Canadian Cedar Garden 'Teenager Lounge with a Shower Washroom & External Hot Tub Area
Contemporary Home Gym Building with Sheltered Hot Tub Canopy
Red Canadian Cedar Garden Building with a GRP Fibreglass Roof
Large Red Canadian Cedar Home Annexe Building with Fitted Kitchen & Bathroom
New Oak Frame Storage Building & New Indian Sandstone Patio with Soft Landscaping in Brabourne Kent
New Barbeque Hut fitted with Stove Flue and surrounding bench seating

Each garden room and garden office is built to a totally bespoke design.

  • Cinema Room
  • Hot Tub / Spa Area
  • Garden Office
  • Pool House
  • Games Room
  • Bar Area
  • Home Gym
  • Outside Kitchen / Bar

Additional Features

  • Choice of Cladding/Choice of Doors and Windows/Choice of Roof Finishes/Choice of Flooring Choices
  • Electrical Installation/Upgrade insulation works/Decking/Terrace Area/External Lighting
  • Contemporary Modern Garden Buildings & Traditional Garden Buildings
  • Benefits of Homewood Design & Build (Kent) Ltd
  • Our Installation process is clean & quick, most buildings are completely installed within 2 weeks
  • We provide the highest quality insulation, our building materials are thermos efficient which will save you heating expense
  • There will be no damp issues. Our garden rooms are wrapped in water proof and breathable membrane which keeps moisture out whilst allowing the building to breath.
  • No Planning Permission usually required, we will make all formal investigation checks with the local authority, most of our previous buildings have fallen within permitted development rules.
  • We use high specification fittings and fixtures, there are plenty of optional extras.
  • 10 Year Guarantee with all Buildings.
Doors +

At Homewood Build we feel special because we have such a wide variety of options. We can build the building the way you want it. Our wide range of doors can be chosen by material, size and style. Bi-folding doors, sliders, French doors and windows. Our windows and doors are fabricated by a national window and door manufacturer who we have contacts with to ensure the quality of the door is at its best standard and our orders are prioritised.

Material Selection. UPVC, Aluminium and Timber

Internal Finishes +

All our buildings come plastered and decorated in colours of your choice as standard, along with skirting boards and laminate flooring. We can upgrade any of your walls and flooring on request. All your electrical cables, pipes and services will be hidden behind our specially designed panel system. We can also add reinforcements to your ceiling or walls to ensure that any items over 20kg will hang with peace of mind that they are structurally stable.

We know you want you garden room to feel like a home from home so we put extra effort into designing all the internal finishes around you such as sockets, switches and lighting fitment colours and materials. We only use the best products when finishing the internal walls and floors to ensure that they have a life time expectancy of over 10 years. We do offer optional affordable yearly service packages for your building that include building external checks to ensure no damage has occurred over the previous year. Foundation monitoring, door seal checks, internal refurb such as the repair of skirting boards from kick marks and walls from scuffs or scrapes. Our buildings are designed to last a life time so we want to make sure that your time owning the building is as pleasurable as possible.

Building Services +

Our customers often ask for specific requirements within there building and if they are suitable. You can design your garden room as you would your own home, they are water tight, warm and efficient like your home. For a truly self contained experience our buildings can accommodate internal partitioning to create toilets, shower or bathrooms and kitchens.

We know that in today’s busy world, families often need more space for grown up children who can’t afford to buy their own home, or for older relatives who have started to need extra care. More and more people are benefiting from our garden rooms as they are the ideal solution to help relatives keep their independence whilst still being involved in family life. Our stunning garden pods are fully insulated so you can be assured that they will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer to provide a cosy and homely environment. We can create bathrooms and kitchens of any size to give a perfect home from home feel to your garden room. Our services are limitless.

Our Capabilities Are Endless

Decking +

At Homewood Build we have a great eye for detail this means your building will be designed to a quality finish and there is no better way to finish your building than with a gorgeous decking or seating area. We can paint your decking or even upgrade the size and the decking boards to zero maintenance composite decking the design is in your hands just tell what you want how you want it and our design team will take over. Below is a range of decking boards and sizes.

Composite Decking

Cladding +

As building design goes we like to ensure our customers are fully aware of all the options that are available. There are many types from timber to composite or even renders or concrete fibre board. The cladding is designed to protect your structure from water and every day usage. We recommend that all our customers take into consideration all types of cladding so that they will suit your every day requirements and make the building more aesthetically pleasing for yourself.

Canadian Western Red Cedar is the ‘gold standard’ for exterior timber cladding projects in the UK. The reason is simple – it is the perfect material for the job because of its amazing look, ease of working, natural durability and stability.
Canadian Western Red Cedar is much slower grown than its UK counterpart resulting in a denser, darker wood with a more varied colour palette. It also renowned for offering a cladding that is completely clear and free of imperfections.

Oak cladding is supplied in a naturally warm, light sandy shade. This species weathers slowly, eventually turning to a shade of silver/grey.
There are relatively few knots in the wood and it has attractive figuring, therefore this species may be considered if you are looking for a clean and contemporary look. Oak is a traditional cladding material, this is due primarily to an excellent level of durability, particularly when compared to other temperate hardwoods. Oak cladding is sourced exclusively from Europe, ensuring a consistently high quality of product.

Render is the application of a premixed layer of sand and cement to brick, cement, stone, or mud brick. It is often textured, coloured, or painted after application. It is generally used on exterior walls and can be used to make your garden room watertight.


Cedral Click is Marley Eternit’s innovative new low maintenance, fibre cement tongue and groove weatherboard product to the UK. The range offers a contemporary take on the traditional style of Cedral Weatherboard.
The range features the appealing textured surface finish and performance benefits of fibre cement weatherboard and is fitted in a contemporary flat finish. Cedral Click will therefore appeal to those looking for the enduring weatherboard style, but which compliments a modern architectural aesthetic.
Fitted using a simple clip system, it is easy and quick to install making it ideal for both new and refurbishment projects where time constraints are a factor.

Custom Electrical Fitments +

Custom Electrical Fitments

At Homewood Build most of our clients use their garden rooms as offices, home cinema rooms and hobby rooms that all require access to electrical sockets. We can help your building become as hi tech as you like it with a huge range of electrical fittings, fixtures ports and accessories. Our electrical design team will make sure you have power in your garden room where and when you need it by designing the electrical plan around you so you can have everything in the right place.

With us having such a large range of electrical fittings means your luxury garden room is suitable to be used all year round. This also gives you the advantage of using the building in a wide variety of ways such as accommodation, we can install a fully fitted kitchen with electrical appliances, bedrooms and bath/shower rooms turning it into a granny annex or a den for the kids.

So whether you need fittings for office equipment, guitar amps , gym equipment or even just to have a tv our team of electricians will be on hand to help you every step of the way with your electrical requirements. all our electrical engineers are fully qualified and certified to under take all the electrical work that will be needed to for fill your garden building from wiring up the armoured cable to your home to fitting the lighting and under floor heating. We now also offer new top of the range smart electronic devices meaning you can control everything in your garden room from your mobile phone. contact us to find our more.

Structure +

We know that garden room foundations and structures are vitally important to longevity and the overall quality of an outdoor building. When you choose to buy from Homewood Build, you have the peace of mind of knowing that our products are built from the highest quality building and insulation materials at Homewood Build we use Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS) and Structural frame work – an innovative construction which means quicker installation of your garden room foundations and structure and the best possible thermal performance. To meet our strict standards, this superior design has been tested and proven to deliver 75% more air-tightness than agreed industry standards. We are also very proud that we use building materials which are both sustainable and eco-friendly – so not only are our garden rooms good for our customers, they are great for the environment too!

When our customers are deciding to choose one of our garden rooms one of there main concerns is whether they can use there building in the colder weather conditions or if the building will be too warm in the summer. At Homewood Build we use the finest building materials and insulation so that we can ensure all our customers will keep snug in the winter period. We also ensure all our large doors and windows are of high quality to ensure the building stays at a cool temperature in the summer.

Insulation +

Our buildings are made from 100mm (SIP) panels and structural timber frames, as we know timber frame construction has proved to be a very efficient and effective method of heating up and storing the heat meeting building U value standards. With a little help from our heating systems the building can be used all year round. in fact our buildings hold the heat so well with our timber frame construction that some of our customers use them as accommodation.

Will my building stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer?
It is important to us at Homewood Build that our buildings can be used and enjoyed all year round even on those snowy winter days and nights. Every garden room we build comes standard with heating systems that will keep the building surprisingly warm along with the help of our insulated panels. Timber frame buildings are known to be better at holding heat over modern brick houses. All our doors meet building regulation guidelines for U – values that will help with the insulation of the building. You are guaranteed to be snug with our under floor heating systems that can reach temperatures of up to 30 degrees.

We also can add electric wall mounted heaters or even boilers for warm water and kitchen appliances.

In the summer your building will stay cool as our insulated walls don’t just hold heat they also retract heat to help the building stay cool in the summer. Our door glazing is also proven to retract heat to stop your building feeling like a green house.

Internal Wall Finishing’s +

All our buildings come plastered and decorated in colours of your choice as standard along with skirting boards and laminate flooring. We can upgrade any of your walls and flooring on request. All your electrical cables pipes and service wires will be hidden behind our special designed panel system. We can also add reinforcements to your ceiling or walls to ensure that any items over 20kg will hang with peace of mind that they are structurally stable.

We know you want you garden room to feel like a home from home so we put extra effort into designing all the internal finished around you, such as sockets, switches and lighting fitment colours/materials, kitchens and cleaning facilities. We only use the best products when finishing the internal walls and floors to ensure that they have a life time expectancy of over 10 years. We do offer optional yearly service packages for your building that include building external checks to ensure no damage has occurred over the year. Foundation monitoring, door seal checks, internal refurbishment such as the repair of skirting boards from kick marks and walls from scuffs or scrapes. Our buildings are designed to last a life time so we want to make sure that your time owning the building is as pleasurable as possible.

Will My Cladding need treating? +

We have a wide selection of cladding options available for you to choose from to suit your needs. With timber cladding there are not strict guidelines that state you must treat your timber cladding however as a company we recommend that your timber cladding is treated with clear OSMO UV protection. With timber cladding being a natural product it will go silver coloured if it is not treated every 12 months. We can offer you optional service packages that will keep your cladding and building looking new. We now offer no maintenance cladding from composite to concrete fibre board that will need zero maintenance. Whatever the use of your building we can clad it to your specific requirements.

Yearly Service (Optional)
With all our garden buildings we offer yearly services to check important parts of your building to ensure they are up to scratch and have not had any defects over the year. We have 2 different packages.

Gold – Our gold service will consist of checking all the cladding is in good condition and no water is leaking. We will check your foundations are still in good order, door seals will be cleaned and checked, any moving components such as windows and door will be oiled and all your services will be checked.

Gold Plus – We will recondition any damages that have occurred to paint work and skirting boards. 12month Clear OSMO UV protection will be applied, decking will be cleaned and restored, guttering and roof components will be cleared and checked for any possible damage.

These services will help with ensuring your building will last a lifetime.

Security +

It is of the upmost importance that all our buildings are designed
to be safe and secure. Our door manufacturers keep our locking systems up to date and ensure they are made to the best standard. All our doors have aluminium folding door claw lock and shoot bolt locking systems and mortise locks. Our glazing is toughened to keep intruders out.

We can upgrade your security by adding CCTV and alarm systems. All your glazing can be laminated so it will not break.

What is included in the price +

A common question asked is what is included in the price of our buildings. All our projects are priced including VAT, all our buildings come with standard features that will make up your garden building. there is also the option to upgrade all of our buildings from doors, windows, decking, flooring and electrical systems.

This list shows all the standard features and procedures included in our building price.

Foundations +

Depending on the size of your building the price will be included,

Your building structural components
(Walls , Floor , Roof) they will be within the price.

Doors & windows +

All our doors are included within the price. they can be upgraded to aluminium or hard wood. if you require more doors and windows or even to upgrade the size of the original doors the cost will be added as an optional extra.

Electrical +

All 1st fix and second fix electrical fitting is included. sockets , lighting , canopy lighting, heating systems and switches. we have a wide range of services that can be upgraded on your building from home cinema systems and electric showers

Site Clearance and Building Clean +

The site will be cleared of any materials and your building will be cleaned thoroughly and ready for use immediately.
Our example buildings are priced on our most popular cladding, Canadian Western Red Cedar the price may differ if a more standard cost effective cladding is used or a more expensive composite.

Internal finishing +

Everything you would expect in your own home. Plastered and painted walls, skirting boards and laminate flooring. You can upgrade your room with kitchens, bar areas, toilets and shower rooms. The list is endless and we can help you with all your interior needs.

Will i need planning permission? +

Planning permission is not required provided that:

1. The shed / greenhouse / building is used for domestic purposes only.

2. The ground area covered by the shed/greenhouse/building and any other buildings within the boundary of the property, excluding the original house, is not more than half the total area of the property.

3. No part of the shed / greenhouse / building is in front of the principal or side elevation of the original house that faces onto a road.

4. The maximum height of the shed / greenhouse / building is 4 metres.

5. The maximum eaves height of the shed / greenhouse / building is 2.5 metres if it is within 2 metres of the property boundary.

6. No part of the shed / greenhouse / building is within 3.5 metres of the boundary with a road to the rear of the house.

7. If you live in a house within a World Heritage Site, area of outstanding natural beauty or National Park the maximum total area of ground covered by buildings, enclosures and pools situated more than 20 metres from any wall of the house does not exceed 10 square metres.

8. If you live in a house within a conservation area, World Heritage Site, area of outstanding natural beauty or National Park the shed / greenhouse / building is not situated between the principal or side elevation of the house and its boundary.

9. The building is not used for the keeping of pigeons.

What if I need planning permission? +

Homewood Build have always been devoted and encouraged custom and no limit builds, for this reason our team is devoted to help you achieve your dreams and expectations. We have a great team on stand by to help you get planning permission if it is required for your building.

Do you need Building Regulations?
Your garden room building regulations are separate from planning permission. The latter covers WHAT can be constructed whereas building regulations are concerned with HOW the structure is designed and built. Most garden studios and offices up to 30m2 floor area are exempt from the majority of building regulations so long as they are not going to be used for sleeping accommodation. This leads some companies which sell lesser structures (log cabins, insulated summerhouses and the like) to claim their sheds “meet building regulations” when in reality what they mean is “our buildings don’t have to comply with building regulations”.

At Homewood Build, we believe our garden rooms should be designed and built to the same quality as modern houses that you would choose to live in all year round. It is, after all, an extension of your home that you and your family will use for many years to come. Hence we use substantial, though non-invasive foundations, high specification structure and joinery, all of which are backed up by a 7 year insurance-backed structural warranty at an additional cost.

Garden room and office building regulations which do still apply:
• Part P covers the safety of electrical installations and as such, we obtain the appropriate installation certification on your behalf.
• To satisfy fire safety requirements, studios between 15m2 and 30m2 floor area need to be installed with a minimum 1m gap between the building and your boundary. Alternatively we can build your garden office as close as is physically possible by adding an extra fire-proofing layer to your structure – your studio designer will advise on this aspect and additional charges are payable, though it does mean you can make the most of all space in your garden.


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