Roof Camera Surveys

A thorough professional roof inspection basically pays for itself, as by spotting damage or problem areas early you can potentially save thousands of pounds.

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Telescopic Pole Camera Survey
Telescopic Pole Camera - Aerial Survey

At Homewood Build we carry out roof surveys on many domestic and commercial buildings to ensure that roofs are maintained and as a preventative measure.

We offer two types of roof surveys to cater for our customer requirements:

Visual Roof Survey

As the name suggests a visual roof survey involves a physical examination of your roof by surveyor. If your roof can be accessed safely then we are able to send up a qualified roof surveyor to photograph and inspect your termination details, rainwater gutters and all roof coverings in a more hands-on fashion than automated equipment offers.

Extended Camera Survey

If your roof is located at an average height but fragile roof coverings prevent a visual survey, then an extended camera survey can provide just as thorough an inspection. This simple process involves an inspector using long camera masts to photograph problem areas, and as such you avoid the associated paperwork, scaffolding and disruption a more intrusive inspection requires

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