Mr A. Whitham

We have used Homewood for several years now as we have suffered from storm damage to different areas of our roof. We find the company very quick to respond and their communication is very good.

Homewood’s use a method to clip ridge tiles down to make them more secure and we have found that all the tiles that were clipped in the manner remained in place despite the high winds. As the system has been so effective we have now asked them to secure the remaining ridge tiles on the back of our house to prevent future insurance claims.

I would recommend this company as they do exactly what they say they will do. We have in the past used other roofing contractors and on the very next occasion we had high winds the repaired tiles did not remain in place and as you can imagine this was both very frustrating and we even began to experience difficulty with our insurance company as the claims were so frequent.

I would not consider using another contractor for this type of work.

Homewood Build